We encourage our customers, friends and fisherman coming to Patagonia to bring new wading boots, rubber soles and new waders if possible, we are protecting our area of the Didymosphenia geminate, we try really hard to keep our waters pristine and in natural conditions.


We strongly recommend an affiliate lodge in Canada, Camp Bonaventure, the best place for Atlantic Salmon fishing.

Patagonia Fishing Hosts - Your Best Fishing Guides

Patagonia Fishing Hosts offer you one of the best fly-fishing experiences in the entire world. In Patagonia, Argentina, fly fishing is spectacular, with crystal-clear lakes and flowing rivers surrounded by the beautiful Andes mountains. The area looks a lot like Montana 70 years ago - beautiful, natural and unspoiled. And the fish are abundant.

Patagonia Fishing Hosts are based in the small town of Cholila, located in the Chubut Province of central Patagonia, the southernmost part of Argentina. We operate out of the convenient and comfortable Carrileufu Valley Lodge. From Cholila we can take you quickly to the best lakes and rivers for fly-fishing, in areas where you will see lots of fish and wildlife but very few people besides your fishing group. Yet Cholila is easily accessible by air and vehicle, as we explain on our "best ways to get here" page.

Patagonia Fishing Hosts is operated by Pancho Panzer (in photo at left), a very experienced Patagonia fly fishing guide and entrepreneur, who speaks and writes excellent English. Pancho's team, all bilingual, includes other professional guides, outstanding cooks, and a maintenance staff to keep the lodge clean and fresh.

Cholila has a romantic history. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid escaped the U.S. law enforcement by living here for years in the early 1900s - until their ill-gotten money started running low and they had to return to "work," robbing more banks. More on that later.

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